Past Winners

EDVA Trophies and League Winners etc

The EDVA was formed in 1988, unfortunately we don’t have a complete list of all our past winners, if you can help fill in any of the blanks below, please contact us.



Season Mixed Division 1 Mixed Division 2 Mixed Division 3 Ladies Division
2019-20  –  –  –
2018-19 ESVC Lightning Stormers PMVC Scorpions Torexe Aces
2017-18 ESVC Lightning Stormers Torexe Vulcans Torexe Jets
2016-17 Taunton Panthers Torexe Jaguars Exeter Storm Ladies
2015-16 PMVC Pirates Taunton Stealth
2014-15 Torexe Hunter Taunton Panthers
2013-14 Storm ExColl  WVC Raptors
2012-13 Team ExColl PMVC Jesters
2011-12 Team ExColl Taunton Meerkats Torexe Vulcans
2010-11 Torexe Hunters WVC Cardinals Exeter University Supremes
2009-10 Torexe Buzzards Exeter College
2008-09 Torexe Buzzards Torexe Hawks
2007-08 Kirton Exeter Birdmen
2006-07 Space Hoppers Torexe Eagles Torexe Hurricanes Exeter University
2005-06 Exeter University Torexe Tornados
2004-05 Space Hoppers Paignton CC A Kings Juniors
2003-04 Torexe Breezers Space Hoppers Paignton Community College Exeter University
2002-03 Exeter University Kirton Rings Kings Otters Torexe Thunder
2001-02 Exeter College Denbury Eagles Taunton Torexe Thunder
2000-01  F.P.Kings Kirton
1999-00 Torexe Breezers Kings A Cool Runnings Exeter University
1998-99 Exeter University ADDS Aztecs King Alfred’s Torexe Monsoons
1997-98 Exeter University Kirton Watersports Kings School Exeter University
1996-97 Exeter University
1995-96 Exeter University Plymouth Kitto
1994-95 Exeter College ASP Exeter University Torexe Eagles
1993-94 Torexe Aardvarks Latham Vauxhall SY Wonford Volleydolleys
1992-93 Exeter College ASP
1991-92 Exeter College ASP
1990-91 Teignmouth
1989-90 Cuba Z Exeter College
1988-89 Teignmouth Culm Vale SC




 – – – – – – – –

EDVA Closed Tournament



Plate Bowl
2019 ESVC Lightning Stormers Torexe Jaguars Exeter University
2018 ESVC Lightning Stormers Plymouth University PMVC Tigers
2017 Volleyball Taunton Kirton Torexe Vulcans
2016 Torexe Hunters Torexe Phantoms Torexe Harriers
2015 Torexe Hunters UCP Marjon A Torexe Spitfires
2014 Exeter Storm Torexe Phantoms Torexe Jaguars
2013 Torexe Hunters Marjon Pumas
2012 Wanderers Cardinals Torexe Jaguars
2011 Torexe Phantoms Plymouth Marjon Wanderers Tourettes
2006 Wanderers
2005 Betablockers Kings Juniors
2003 WRC Wanderers Torexe Storms
2002 Wanderers Wanderers B
2001 FP Kings Kirton
2000 Torexe Breezer Exeter University
1999 Wonford Betablockers Torexe Hurricanes
1998 Torexe Aardvarks
1997 Exeter University
1996 Exeter College
1995 Torexe Aardvarks  Crediton Spartans  Torexe Destroyers
1994 Exeter College A
1993 Exeter College
1992 Exeter College
1991 Casuals
1990 Teignmouth A
1989 CTCRM