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EDVA Mixed Tournament 02/02/2020
Exeter Mens Challenge 19/04/2020 www
Exeter Ladies Challenge 26/04/2020 www
Heavitree Parklife Tournament 11/07/2020

EDVA 2020 Closed Tournament

2020 Final Results

This years EDVA Cup winners were Exeter Storm Lightning

2020 EDVA Cup Winner: ESVC Lightning Stormers


Cup Plate Bowl
1st ESVC Lightning Stormers PMVC Vikings Torexe Samurais
2nd ESVC Thunder Stormers Kirton Wolves Torexe Knights
3rd UPVC 1 Volleyball Taunton Torexe Spartans
4th Torexe Gladiators Exeter University UPVC 2


Taking the Plate Trophy this years, is Plymouth Mayflower Vikings

2020 EDVA Plate Winner: Plymouth Mayflower Vikings

2020 EDVA Bowl Winners: Torexe Samurais



2019 Final results

2019 EDVA Cup Winner: ESVC Lightning Stormers

2019 EDVA Plate Winner: Torexe Jaguars

2019 EDVA Bowl Winners: Exeter University


Cup Plate Bowl
1st ESVC Lightning Stormers Torexe Jaguars Exeter University
2nd PMVC Vikings PMVC Pirates PMVC Scorpions
3rd ESVC Thunder Stormers Torexe Spitfires Plymouth University
4th Torexe Hunters Torexe Vulcans Plymouth BUCS


EDVA Mixed Tournament 4th February 2018

Twelve teams competed in the 2018 EDVA Mixed Tournament. It was fantastic to see half the teams in the competition made up of younger players, with four university teams from Exeter and Plymouth and both PMVC and Exeter Storms each fielding a young team.

The PMVC Scorpions team were primarily an under 16 team with the oldest player at 17! Many of these players were playing in their first adult competition and show great promise for the future. ESVC Thunder Stormers, comprised mostly of Under 18’s who are playing regularly in the EDVA Division One, showed their extra experience only losing one match in the pool round. They secured their place in the top four by a narrow victory over Plymouth BUCS, giving them a 1 point advantage at the end of the pool round. At the other end of Pool A it went down to the final match to determine the placings.

In Pool B, it was clear early on that ESVC Lightning Stormers were the ones in control, although it was a very close fought match with Exeter University BUCS. After the pool rounds teams were split into three groups competing for the Cup, Plate and Bowl titles. The semi-finals in all the trophy competitions each featured a club derby, with the two Exeter Storm teams competing for a place in the Cup final, Torexe Jaguars and Spitfires duelling it out to get to the Plate final and PMVC Tigers and Scorpions after a place in the Bowl final.

The Cup final saw Exeter University BUCS looking for revenge after their narrow defeat against ESVC Lightning Stormers earlier in the day, but after a very tight match it was not to be and ESVC took the Cup title.

2018 EDVA Cup Winner: ESVC Lightning Stormers

The Plate final was a close game with the Plymouth University BUCS team just having the advantage over Torexe Jaguars.

2018 EDVA Plat Winner: Plymouth University BUCS

In the Bowl final the less experienced Plymouth University side were no match for PMVC Tigers.

2018 EDVA Bowl Winners: PMVC Tigers


Cup Plate Bowl
1st ESVC Lightning Stormers Plymouth University BUCS PMVC Tigers
2nd Exeter University BUCS Torexe Jaguars Plymouth University
3rd Torexe Hunters Torexe Vulcans Exeter University
4th ESVC Thunder Stormers Torexe Spitfires PMVC Scorpions

Recent Events

EDVA Mixed Tournament January 2017

This year’s event was once again a sellout with a full complement of 12 teams representing the majority of the clubs in the EDVA league. The first rounds of pool play resulted in the top two teams in both pools separated only by a few points, setting up the prospect of some exciting matches as the teams were divided into Cup, Plate and Bowl competitions.

Taunton 20172017 EDVA Cup Champions 2017

Anyone of the top four teams could have won the event as both semi-final were decided by a single point. In the end it was Taunton who took this years title in the final over EWVC Cardinals.

Kirton 20172017 Plate Winner: Kirton

Kirton took this years Plate competition, with a win over PMVC Pirates in their final.

Cup Plate Bowl
1st Taunton Kirton Torexe Vulcans
2nd EWVC Cardinals PMVC Pirates EUVC 1
3rd Torexe Hunters Torexe Spitfires PMVC Tigers
4th Lightning Stormers Torexe Jaguars EUVC 2

This years final Bowl final went to Torexe Vulcans with a win over Exeter University 1.


Torexe Vulcans2017 Bowl Winners: Torexe Vulcans

Well done to everyone who took part, we will see you all at the next event.


EDVA Mixed Tournament 31st January 2016

This year’s event was once again a sellout with a full complement of 12 teams representing the majority of the clubs in the EDVA league. The first rounds of pool play resulted in the top two teams in both pools separated only by game points, setting up the prospect of some exciting matches as the teams were divided into Cup, Plate and Bowl competitions. So it proved with several of the placings being decided by only 2 or 3 points.

DSCN4771 Torexe Hunters_web

The final placings are shown below, with Torexe Hunters retaining their Cup title from last year, fighting off a late come back from Exeter Storm. The Plate final was a very closely fought match between Torexe Phantoms and EWVC Cardinals, with Phantoms just having the advantage at the final hooter.

DSCN4768 Torexe - Phantoms_web

It was an all Torexe affair in the Bowl final, where Harriers had a comfortable victory over Jaguars.

Cup Plate Bowl
1st Torexe Hunters Torexe Phantoms Torexe Harriers
2nd Exeter Storm EWVC Cardinals Torexe Jaguars
3rd PMVC Pirates Kirton EWVC Raptors
4th Plymouth Marjons Exeter University PMVC Drakes

DSCN4767 - Torexe Harriers_web

EDVA Mixed Tournament 1st February 2015

The annual EDVA Mixed Tournament was a packed event with a full complement of teams from across the EDVA Local League. After the first round of pool matches the teams were seeded into the Cup, Plate and Bowl groups to finish off the day in some tense close fought knock-out matches which sorted out the final placings are as shown below:

Cup Plate Bowl
1st Torexe Hunters UCP Marjon A Torexe Spitfires
2nd PMVC Pirates Taunton Panthers UCP Marjon B
3rd Kirton PMVC Drakes Torexe Vulcans
4th Torexe Phantoms EWC Raptors Torexe Jaguars

cup winners - torexe hunters_web Cup Winners – Torexe Hunters

plate winners ucp marjon a_webPlate Winners – UCP Marjon A

bowl winners - torexe spitfires_webBowl Winners – Torexe Spitfires


EDVA Ladies Tournament 3 16th March 2014

Final placings after all 3 rounds

Torexe Juniors Junmp_web

Celebrating their win: Torexe Juniors team of Toby Tapp, Ellie Self, Nadia Kelly-Smith, Kirsty Tapp, Jaz Crispin-Vile, Jemima Goulding and Coach May Ho

After picking up maximum points in Round 3 of the Ladies Development Tournament today, with their second event win of the series, the Torexe Juniors team finished 1st, four points clear of second place Taunton Juniors with the SW U16 teams in third place.

Taunton Juniors_web

Second Place Taunton Juniors

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Torexe Juniors 1 10 10 21
Taunton Juniors 6 5 6 17
SWVA U16 8 8 16
Torexe Ladies/Ask Mum 5 4 5 14
Chitas 10 10
Academy of Beach Sports 8 8
Marjon University 2 6 8
Kings 4 3 7
PMVC Ivybridge Tigers 2 3 5
PMVC Ivybridge Vipers 4 4
Taunton Ladies 3 3
Exeter Storm 2 2

Full report to come


EDVA Mixed Tournament 9th February 2014

It was another excellent day of volleyball action in the anual EDVA Mixed Tournament. This year was a sell-out and it was excellent to see some 90 players from across our region packing out the sportshall competing for all three titles on offer, in the Cup, Plate and Bowl competitions.

2014 Cup Final Exeter Storm v WVC Raptors

The day started with all teams competing in two pools, PMVC Pocket Rockets and Torexe Hunters topped Pool 1, with Exeter Storm and WVC Raptors topping Pool 2.  Raptors battled hard to take a close fought match over the unbeaten Pocket Rockets 22 – 19 and Storm’s came out top against Hunters 26-18 to set up the final between the two winners.

Exeter Storm, playing many of their U18 Juniors who competed in Kettering the day before in the National U18 Grand Prix, still found enough energy left at the end of the day to bring an end to Div 2 Raptors excellent run through the competition and take the Cup title.

2014 Cup Winners Exeter Storm

In the Plate event, WVC Cardinals made their way into the final with another close fought match with a 22-20 win over ABS11 . They were joined by Torexe Phantoms who had a straight forward win over Torexe Vulcans 29-19.  The final also came down to just two points difference with Cardinals this time on the wrong side of the scoreline as Phantoms took the match 23-21.

2014 Plate Winners Torexe Phantoms

In the Bowl event, Torexe Jaguars came out top, over Torexe Spitfires A & B who took second and third place ahead of guest team Marjon University.

2014 Bowl Winner Torexe Jaguars

2014 EDVA Cup Results

  • 1st Exeter Storm
  • 2nd WVC Raptors
  • 3rd PMVC Pocket Rockets
  • 4th Torexe Hunters

2014 EDVA Plate Results

  • 1st Torexe Phantoms
  • 2nd WVC Cardinals
  • 3rd ABS 11
  • 4th Torexe Vulcans

2014 EDVA Bowl Results

  • 1st Torexe Jaguars
  • 2nd Torexe Spitfires A
  • 3rd Torexe Spitfires B
  • 4th Marjon University


Exeter Ladies Development Tournaments  – Current Standings after Two Rounds

Round 1 Round 2 Total
Taunton Juniors 6 5 11
Torexe Juniors 1 10 11
Chitas 10 10
Torexe Ladies/Ask Mum 5 5 9
Academy of Beach Sports 8 8
Marjon University 2 6 8
SWVA U16 8 8
Kings 4 3 7
Taunton Ladies 3 3
PMVC Ivybridge Tigers 2 2

Exeter Ladies Development Tournament Second Round 26th January 2014

The second in a series of three ladies development tournaments kicked off with a well attended clinic on the duties of the second referee, given by Andrew Potter, SWVA Officials Secretary and it was great to see people putting into practice what they learned during the tournament, many taking to the whistle for the first time.

torexe v taunton_web

Torexe Juniors v Taunton Juniors

This round of the competition was oversubsribed, but unfortunately on the day one team failed to arrive, leaving us with 7 teams, resulting in some teams getting more volleyball matches than they expected as the pool of three played each other twice. The tournament started with a fast and furious seeding round with teams playing short 12 minute matches.

swu16 v marjon-uni_web

SW U16 v Marjon University

The top two teams from each pool Taunton Juniors, SWVA U16, Marjon University and Torexe Juniors went on to form the top pool for the second round of 2 set matches. The remaining teams, Ask Mum, Kings and PMVC Ivybridge Tigers formed a new pool of three and also played 2 set matches, but again played each other twice.

kings v torexe am_web

Kings v Torexe Ask Mum

The final results for the second event are as follows:

Teams (Round Two)
Pos Points
Torexe Juniors 1st 10
SWVA U16 2nd 8
Marjon Uni 3rd 6
Taunton Juniors 4th 5
Ask Mum 5th 4
Kings 6th 3
PMVC Ivybridge Tigers 7th 2


Exeter Ladies Development Tournament First Round 22nd September 2013

Eight teams took part in round one of this years Ladies Development Tournament, the action started at midday with teams playing a quick set of pool matches to determine the afternoon match session.

The Match sessions took the form of two sets matches with teams collecting one match point per set. In the top pool, it was Chitas who came out on top, beating Academy of Beach Sports to the round one title and hence picking up maximum points.

Third and forth places went to Taunton Juniors and Torexe Ladies.

In the second pool, all four teams tied with three match points each after the six matches had finished. Final placings came down to points scored.

The event also provided the opportunity for development of officials, with help and advice  on hand throughout the day to the referees and scorers It was very encouraging to see people taking to the whistle for the first time or returning after an extended break.  Even more learnt how to fill in full match scoresheets with impressive results.

Round Two takes place on 26th Jan 2014, more photos available via the Photos Menu above.

Teams (Round One)
Pos Points
Chitas 1st 10
Academy of Beach Sports 2nd 8
Taunton Juniors 3rd 6
Torexe Ladies 4th 5
Kings 5th 4
Taunton Ladies 5th 3
Marjon Uni 5th 2
Torexe Juniors 5th 1

2018 Parklife Heavitree entry form