Running the Exeter & District Volleyball Association

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Volleyball is generally a minority activity in the UK, except in some small pockets around the country like Exeter. The association provides an indoor winter league and tournament program for member clubs in Devon and West Somerset and an associated members package for clubs and teams further a field. The association was formed in 1988 and also owns the Exmouth Beach Volleyball Club, which runs the Exmouth beach league and associated tournament program.

Volleyball is a very versatile sport, it is played indoors with a 6-A-Side game, on grass in the summer with a 4-A-Side game, on sand with Beach Pairs and a recreational Beach 4’s game plus their is also a Sitting version of the game. Add to this indoor and outdoor leagues, tournaments, Junior, Regional and National games and events and you end up a fascinating all years round sport. A number of us are also working with the British
Volleyball Federation with respect to running the six volleyball events at the 2012 London Olympics.

Like all organizations, we are always on the look out for more people to come along and help out, you don’t need to play the game or be good at the sport, just get involved and joins in the fun. If you would like to do something then let us know, all our meetings are open, anyone is free to come along and join in the fun. Training, courses and expenses are available.

The EDVA Committee at Work

The Beach Sub Committee at work

Although we have a list of formal post holders (Officials – as required by our constitution),  most people who help out, do not hold a committee position but volunteer or are appointed as required for each activity.

All EDVA committee meetings are held at the Exeter Coaver Social Club, approximately
every 6 weeks. The day varies but they all start at 7pm and generally last an hour. The beach sub committee generally meets pre-season, dates & times will be published on
the EBVC web site.

 National Events

How to get a free front row seat at the best events in the country and all expenses paid.

As well as the full time organizers, National events like the Cup Final, the European league, the UK School Games and the 2012 Olympics can only take place with the help of volunteers. Volunteers are drawn from around the various local regions and EDVA volunteers are well represented.

For example, at the 2011 National Cup Final, Rachel Swindell and Dave Reece were part of this years Stats team, while Somayyeh Mossadegh provided the medical cover and Andrew Potter took charge of the U18 Women’s Final.

Rachel & Som

Local ref Andrew Potter

If you would like to get involved and have a free front row seat, then please contact the secretary for details and start volunteering.